Therapeutic Recreation Services

The goal of the Therapeutic recreation department is to provide organized recreation and leisure activities that build on individual skills, interests and abilities.

The Therapeutic recreation team uses individual and group counseling techniques, play, recreation and other activity based interventions to maximize our residents functioning and promote quality of life. They work toward restoring motor, social and cognitive functioning; building confidence, develop coping skills and integrations into leisure in community settings.

An individual leisure assessment is completed on each resident upon admission and a personalized leisure plan is created that will include activities of each residents choice. These activities may include but are not limited to:

Creative Arts – painting, crafts,
Sports – exercises, active games, wheelchair curling,
Pet Therapy – visits from cats and dogs from the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program,
Outdoor Activities – gardening, time in Healing Garden,
Music – IPod Music Program, individual and small music groups, entertainment by community musical groups,
Community Outings – shopping, movies, plays, concerts, museums, sporting events
Social programs – Happy Hours, order in meals, seasonal parties
Games – cards, board games, puzzles
Individual – Newspaper delivery, resident council, computer work, leading and sharing own skills and hobbies with fellow residents,

Personalized leisure plans are reviewed regularly and changed if necessary to meet the resident’s needs and personal preference.

Families and friend are encouraged and always welcome to join in with leisure activities.

Calendar of Monthly Leisure Events are posted on each LTC Wing.