Privacy Policy

At Providence Place, we take safety and security very seriously. Our goal is to minimize risk of fall and injury as much as possible, while ensuring that our facility is optimized for senior comfort.

To that end, you’ll find the following safety-enhancing measures have been taken at Providence Place:

  • Unobtrusive security devices that give residents and clients free range, while allowing us to know where they are at all times.
  • Wheel chair accessibility in all areas
  • Safety bars on all showers
  • Side railing on all toilet stalls
  • Hand rails on all stairs
  • Wide, obstruction-free hallways and doors
  • Daily cleaning services that eliminate clutter and remove garbage and waste
  • Secure storage of all chemicals
  • Secure storage of all medication
  • Absence of throw rugs and carpeting that may trip up residents and clients with mobility issues
  • Bright lighting throughout the facility
  • Night lights
  • Raised toilet seats
  • All beds equipped with emergency alert systems

Our Environmental Services team, not only cleans and disinfects all common areas and rooms everyday but also:

  • Regularly walks Providence Place grounds to make sure even simple things, like a crack in the sidewalk, are addressed early and never cause a problem
  • Ensures all sidewalks and roadways are free of ice and other hazards
  • Maintain lawns, flowerbeds, trees and shrubs, giving residents and clients lovely outdoor spaces
  • Conducts regular inspections on generators and fire extinguishers, fire alarms, exits and all emergency equipment
  • Provides routine maintenance on all facilities, including hot and cold water lines and heating and cooling systems

Our staff is trained to alert our Environmental Services team at the first sign of potential risk, whether it be a burned out light bulb or an insecure shower railing. If you have any questions about our safety and security procedures and policies, please contact us.

Our Privacy Policy

Providence Place honors the privacy of our residents and clients. We believe that the best way to guarantee privacy is through vigilance. That’s why our Director not only securely stores resident information, but also schedules all staff and serves as our Privacy Officer. The direct involvement of Providence Place’s Director ensures that they are involved and familiar with all aspects of resident and client contact—from the treatment a client or resident receives to the staff they work with.

Providence Place ensures resident and client privacy by:

  • Requiring all staff who work at Providence Place in any capacity to sign a Confidentiality Pledge vowing to keep all information regarding clients and residents confidential.
  • Implementing “Need to Know” policies that state information about residents and clients can only be shared with other healthcare workers on a “Need to Know” basis and should be shared at a minimum.
  • Directing all staff to discuss client or resident issues only in private areas, not in public areas like the cafeterias, elevators and public hallways.

If you have more questions about privacy and what you can and should expect from Canada’s healthcare facilities, please use the following governmental website links:


Volunteer with Providence Place

We love our volunteers. They are an essential part of the Providence Place community. They enhance the lives of our residents and clients and provide assistance to staff when needed. Volunteers at Providence Place function in many capacities, including:

  • Attending the Gift Shop
  • Socializing with our community at the Maguire Centre
  • Assisting our Pastoral Care department
  • Assisting our Rehabilitation Team
  • Participating in onsite and offsite recreation
  • Assisting with Clerical work
  • Working in the Homesteader Room
  • Manning the canteen cart
  • Assisting with scheduling and making appointments
  • Visiting our residents and providing them with valuable social opportunities
  • Being a part of our pool programs

How to Start Volunteering With Us

The Volunteer Department coordinates volunteers for all of Providence Place. Please fill out and return the completed volunteer application to