Social Work Services

Providence Place works with a registered social worker to provide clients, residents and their family’s valuable social work services, including:

  • Psychological assessment
  • Discharge planning
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Financial planning
  • Liaison
  • Advocacy and consultation
  • Follow-up monitoring
  • Education for our clients, their family’s and caregivers.
  • Staff support and education

The services of social workers are invaluable to seniors, their families and caregivers. Keeping with Providence Place’s holistic approach, social workers recognize the interplay of body, mind and spirit in well-being.

Here are just a few ways social workers improve the services provided by Providence Place:

  • Assessment and care planning. Social workers are an essential part of our interdisciplinary team when it comes to treatment plans. They assess residents and clients before admission and provide valuable insight in developing individualized treatment plans.
  • Transitions to Long Term Care. Social workers can support a resident who’s making a transition into a new living situation. They provide comfort and emotional support and an all-important sympathetic ear. They act as social bridges, introducing new residents to the community, and after the resident is established continue to check-in to make sure that resident’s needs continue to be met.
  • Transitions after discharge. Social workers also help get patients ready for discharge. They devise a discharge plan and share this with staff members, family and caregivers to make sure our clients are discharged into positive environments that provide the maximum support.
  • Resident and client support. One of the most important things social workers do is provide positive emotional and social support for residents and clients throughout their time at Providence Place. This helps ensure that the time spent at our facility is positive and productive.
  • Protecting resident rights. Social workers are one of our many lines of defense in preventing abuse and ensuring that residents and clients are respected by all staff at Providence Place.
  • Communication conduits between staff, residents and families. Social workers help keep everyone on the same page and make sure lines of communication are open between Providence Place staff and its residents, clients and families ensuring that residents are connected to the resources they need to achieve their maximum level of independence.
  • Family counseling and support. Social workers provide counseling support for families during long term care, transition, transfer and death.
  • Promote volunteerism. Social workers are a great resource when it comes to connecting the Providence Place community to the larger community of Moose Jaw and Saskatchewan. This is a benefit to our resident and clients, our staff and the community at large.

Social work services are also available to residents of our Long Term Care program and Maguire Centre Social Program upon referral.

If you wish to learn more about the social worker’s role in elder care, the Canadian Association of Social Workers is a great place to start.