Geriatric Assessment and Rehabilitation

Our Geriatric Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit (GARU) focuses on the work of restoring the body to a previous functionality. After an injury, surgery or other event, it’s the job of our Rehabilitation Team to first assess a client or resident’s condition, to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan, and then walk down the road of recovery with our clients and patients.

With 14 beds available, we’re able to provide short-term accommodation for those requiring day care during their rehabilitation process.

In fact, our multi-disciplinary, short-term medical and treatment program has resulted in more than 70% of our clients being able to return to their own homes following an average 30-day stay on the unit.

Our physiotherapist, is an expert on regaining movement and function, while our occupational therapist focuses on increasing a resident or client’s independence through the use of occupations, like eating, dressing and other activities important to daily life. Both our resident experts have a team of assistants at their disposal and top-notch facility.

Geriatric Assessment and Rehabilitation facilities, which are shared with the Therapeutic Recreation department, include:

  • A therapeutic pool
  • A spacious and well-equipped gymnasium and treatment areas
  • An ADL (Activities of Daily Living) suite, woodworking shop and an outdoor area for training in managing environmental barriers

Our physical resources, combined with the commitment of a team eager to offer effective and innovative service, are an integral part of our vision to become a centre of excellence for senior rehabilitation in Saskatchewan.

Referral Process
A physician referral is required for access to these services. The GARU services are available to Saskatchewan residents who:

  1. have experienced significant health challenges or decline in ability to function and/or mobilize, and desire to participate in therapy to enable them to continue living at home in the community, and
  2. have a demonstrated rehabilitation potential.