Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s and dementia can be heart breaking for residents and their families. Providence Place offers compassionate care for people affected with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia at Guardian Grove.

Our Approach

Community Coordinator

Guardian Grove, like all of our Long Term Care units, has a community coordinator that works with staff, nurses, physicians, therapists and our Spiritual Care department to monitor residents of Guardian Grove and to ensure that we are following the resident’s individualized treatment plan. The coordinator regularly shares news and progress on patients, so that staff may be informed and adjust treatment plans as needed.

Staff Training

Training and staff education is an ongoing endeavor at Providence Place–especially when it comes to the challenges presented by dementia care. In 2012, we attended the Montessori-based dementia care training program, which provided staff with more valuable treatment tools for patients of Guardian Grove.

Guardian Grove’s staff is specially trained to manage challenging behaviors in a dignified manner and know the importance of keeping the mind, body and spirit engaged.

Creating a Secure Sense of Home

We want Guardian Grove to feel as much like home as possible. This is why we believe it’s important that residents are able to move freely, both through the community’s corridors and outside in the enclosed courtyard.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t have security in place. We utilize unobtrusive security devices so that we always know where residents of Guardian Grove are and can ensure their safety.

Holistic Treatment

At Guardian Grove, we take a holistic approach to treatment, and believe that it’s important to engage the body, mind and spirit to help residents live their best life.

For the spirit, residents enjoy open visiting hours so that family members and friends may visit at their convenience, who are always welcome to join in any of Guardian Grove’s specially designed recreational programs, like baking, music, pet therapy, reminiscing and interdenominational church services.

Guardian Grove Overview

To meet the challenges of dementia care and to provide a safe and warm environment to residents, Guardian Grove:

  • Dedicated Community Coordinator that oversees individualized treatment plans and keeps lines of communication open between residents, staff, management and families
  • Individualized treatment plans combine all of our expertise to care for the residents of Guardian Grove–Therapeutic Recreation, Clinical Nutrition, Spiritual Care, Social Work Services, and Medicine
  • Utilizes unobtrusive monitoring devices to ensure the safety of residents
  • Trains staff to manage challenging behaviors with compassion and dignity
  • Provides staff training via the Montessori-based dementia care training program
  • Creates a sense of home by allowing residents to decorate their own rooms and bring furnishings from home
  • Provides freedom by allowing residents to wander the corridor and the outdoor enclosed courtyard
  • Provides social and recreational programs to keep residents engaged
  • Hosts church services and spiritual support through our Spiritual Care Department

If you have questions about Guardian Grove and its services, please contact us.

Referrals to Guardian Grove
Please note that the former Five Hills Health Region has a single point-of-entry to all Long Term Care facilities within the area, which includes Providence Place. To begin this process, or for more information, please call the Access Centre at 306-691-2090, or toll free 1-866-211-5696. A community coordinator will be assigned to you. Once it has been determined that you may be a LTC candidate, the coordinator will make a presentation on your behalf to the Regional Continuing Care Access Committee (single point of entry) for a determination of your level of care. If your care needs give you a designation of Level 3 or 4, arrangements will be made for admission to the LTC facility of your choice.