Environmental Services

We take pride in Providence Place because it’s not just a healthcare facility, it’s a home for our residents and clients—and we want to be sure it always feels that way. We know that cleanliness is essential to creating that home environment, where residents feel comfortable and secure.

Members of Providence Place’s Environmental Services team aren’t hired for their compulsory cleaning and maintenance knowledge, but for their understanding of the kind of commitment it takes to make an elder care facility feel like home. Our team is trained to listen to residents and respond to their concerns, not merely follow a regimented maintenance and housekeeping schedule.


Our Housekeeping Department cleans resident rooms and common areas daily, disinfecting all surfaces, and is trained to address the complex needs of our facility, including:

  • Infection control
  • Life safety
  • Fall prevention
  • Emergency readiness
  • Communication with seniors
  • Food born illness prevention
  • Injury prevention
  • Cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment


Our Laundry Department has all of our residents’ laundering needs covered. Our fully equipped laundry facility uses only hypoallergenic detergents and provides residents with:

  • Clean linens
  • Clean towels
  • Clean clothing protectors
  • Clean clothing

Our Laundry Department is happy to work with caregivers and families to make sure that our patients and clients are as comfortable as possible. Just give us your instructions and we’ll happy to oblige.

Clothing repairs or alterations can also be arranged through the care staff in each unit. While all of our traditional laundry services are freely provided, a charge for repairs and alterations is billed through the resident trust fund.


Our Maintenance Department is responsible for providing clients and residents with clean, safe, functional and pleasant grounds. They are a dedicated and professional group of people who

  • Regularly walk Providence Place grounds to make sure even simple things, like a crack in the sidewalk, are addressed early and never cause a problem
  • Ensure all sidewalks and roadways are free of ice and other hazards
  • Maintain lawns, flowerbeds, trees and shrubs, giving residents and clients lovely outdoor spaces
  • Conduct regular inspections on generators and fire extinguishers, fire alarms, exits and all emergency equipment
  • Routine maintenance on all facilities, including hot and cold water lines and heating and cooling systems.