Assessing Level of Care

Assessing the Level of Care Your Loved One Requires

We know that this can be a difficult time for your family and you want to know that you want your loved one to not only be cared for, but be cared about. Real care begins with a thorough assessment of your loved one’s current mental and physical condition.

This begins with a call to the Five Hills Access Centre, which can be reached at 306-691-2090, or toll free 1-866-211-5696. After you make the call, a community coordinator will be assigned to you and they will work with you and your family to determine what kind of care your loved one may require.

Your coordinator will then make a presentation on your behalf to the Regional Continuing Care Access Committee (single point of entry) to acquire a determination of level of care. If your care needs give you a designation of Level 3 or 4, arrangements will be made for admission to the LTC facility of your choice.

Levels of Care for Your Loved One

Level 3

If your loved one has an advanced, but stabilized, physical or mental illness, they may require Level 3 care, as defined by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. This means that medical professionals don’t expect the illness to advance in the near future, assuming there’s not an accident or additional disease that would aggravate the condition. This covers a range of conditions, from those who are able to walk around with some impairment to those who are bedridden. This condition requires Level 3 Intensive or Personal Care.

Per the Saskatchewan Minister of Health requirements, Providence Place provides your loved one who needs Level 3 Care with:

  • Registered nurse or registered psychiatric nurse who oversees the treatment of your loved one, following the plan provided by our personal physician
  • Special care aides that are available at all times
  • Our full menu of services provided by our Long Term Care program, from customized nutrition and therapy to spiritual support and social activities.

Level 4

If your loved one requires continuous medical attention, but does not require acute hospital care, they may need Level 4 care, according to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. This could include mental conditions, like dementia, or those who are bedridden or chair-fast.

Providence Place’s goal is to provide your loved one with care that prevents further deterioration, while providing maximum recovery. At Providence Place your loved in need of Level 4 care will receive:

  • Specialized supervisory care, with an emphasis on managing advanced mental deterioration and the complications that arise with it
  • Attending the physical problems that are likely to occur with patients needing level four care
  • Restorative care, with an emphasis on improving functional ability
  • All the programs and support offered by our LTC program