About Us

Providence Place BuildingProvidence Place is a quality long-term care, geriatric assessment and day program facility with our focus on elder care. Providence Place began the geriatric and long-term care services on May 27, 1995 when a new 188 bed facility was constructed. Providence Place currently has 160 long term care beds, as well as 14 beds in the Geriatric Assessment Rehabilitation Unit.

For more than 20 years Providence Place has been providing quality senior care through our long term care, geriatric assessment and day program facilities. Our holistic approach enables us to we treat the whole person rather than just the body.

People of many faiths live and work at Providence Place. We strive to provide quality services that meet the needs of our residents and clients, while being good stewards of our resources. Our quality services are underscored by Christian values of love and acceptance. Our ethics are lead by the Catholic Health Ethics Guide published by the Bishops of Canada.

We are sponsored by the Saskatchewan Catholic Health Corporation with funding flowing through the Five Hills Health Region, and enjoy a positive relationship as an affiliate of this Region.
Our treatment programs are customized to the patient’s needs and include mental, physical and spiritual therapy and support to help seniors live their best lives.

We accomplish this through our

Though people of all religions work within the halls of Providence Place, we draw our philosophy of compassionate care from the Christian values of our founders. We believe in kindness and compassion and strive to maintain the level of care that has brought so many people to the doors of Providence Place over its hundred year history.

Our Objectives

  • Become a centre of excellence
  • Provide effective, innovative and quality service
  • Be good stewards of resources
  • Practice Christian values and ethics

Our Partners