Long Term Care

Determined to add life to years, Providence Place subscribes to a social model of care. We have four Long Term Care (LTC) units, with a total of 160 beds between them and a staff that is trained to manage and respond to the needs of our residents and clients.

Life at Providence Place

We take care and pride in ensuring life within our facility is as homelike and normalized as possible. Residents, who are able, get out of bed and dress in their own clothing each day. They eat in our full service cafeteria and dining area among friends and visitors and are provided with daily recreational opportunities that keep them active and engaged.

Each of our units offers residents private rooms with ensuite washrooms and windows and our Environmental Services Team ensures that the facility is properly maintained and cleaned to provide a healthy and safe environment for our residents. As we know its good for the heart, mind and spirits of residents to feel at home, families and their loved ones are invited to decorate, personalize and even add furniture to the resident’s room.

Long-term care communities:

Referral Process
Access to the Long Term Care (LTC) at Providence Place including Guardian Grove, is through the Five Hills Health Region Access Centre at (306) 692-6596, or toll free 1-866-211-5696. A community coordinator will be assigned to you. Once it has been determined that you may be a LTC candidate, the coordinator will make a presentation on your behalf to the Regional Continuing Care Access Committee (single point of entry) for a determination of your level of care. If your care needs give you a designation of Level 3 or 4, arrangements will be made for admission to the LTC facility of your choice.  

Our Holistic Long Term Care Philosophy

Residents are cared for by staff who receive ongoing education in holistic care to meet physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs in an atmosphere of love and respect.

Each of our Long Term Care units has a dedicated community coordinator that keeps that monitors the residents and keeps the lines of communication open between residents, families, management and staff. This helps us ensure that individualized treatment plans stay on track and allows us to make adjustments quickly and effectively.

Our goal is provide our residents and clients with quality of life and we do that by caring for the mind, body and spirit.

Patient Care

Each resident in Providence Place requires different care. Our staff is trained to be attentive to residents and their needs. Our nursing staff, which is available to residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week, provides:

  • Diabetic care, including wound management
  • Medication administration
  • Intravenous services
  • Post hospital care
  • Post surgical care
  • Incontinence care

Our Clinical Nutrition team ensures that all patients are receiving the maximum nutritional benefits from their diets and create:

  • Individualized meal plans
  • Nutritional assessment and intervention
  • Nutrition education and counseling
  • Nutrition support for tube feeds
  • Assessment and treatment of dysphagia (swallowing disorder)
  • Full service cafeteria and catering onsite guarantees that food is properly prepared by trained staff and family, friends and visitors are always welcome to visit loved ones and enjoy a meal with our residents.

Our Geriatric Assessment and Rehabilitation team and Therapeutic Recreation and Rehabilitation programs make it their goal to restore lost functionality to our residents and clients after surgery or other health event and/or help residents and clients maintain their current level of independence through:

  • Geriatric Assessment and Rehabilitation
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Restorative care
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Regular exercise through recreational therapy

Staying Active and Engaged

Cultivating a synergy between the mind body and spirit has positive effects on our residents. Our programs for the body also benefit the mind, and in turn the spirit. For example, regular exercise has  been shown to combat and treat depression, anxiety and other affective conditions.

It’s also important that the mind remain active and challenged throughout its life. According to the  Association of Psychological Science, learning new skills that challenge the mind, like photography, improve cognitive function.

We build our recreational therapy programs with this mind and create tasks that aren’t only physically engaging or entertaining, but challenge our residents to build new skills.

We know that social and recreational engagement don’t only make our residents feel more connected, which benefits them emotionally, but also helps maintain their minds. We want residents to feel that they are not just a part of the Providence Place community, but an important part of Moose Jaw and beyond.

At Providence Place, we offer all residents, social and recreational opportunities, like:

  • Onsite and offsite fitness activities
  • Gardening time for horticulture and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Wood shop for the mechanically gifted
  • Art and music time for those creatively inclined
  • Pet visits for our animal lovers
  • Holiday celebrations, where catering is provided by our full service cafeteria
  • Birthday and family celebrations, where catering can also be arranged through our cafeteria
  • Continuing education opportunities for our resident intellectuals
  • Cultural programs for those theatre buffs
  • Computer time (and classes) for those who want to connect online
  • Special dementia care through our dedicated Guardian Grove Community
  • Involvement in Community events

Our staff isn’t only trained to interact with our residents, but also to respond to their requests. Providence Place is their home, and we aim to make it as warm and welcoming as possible.

Spiritual Care

Our interdenominational Spiritual Care Department at Providence Place provides a ministry of presence and listening that focuses on compassionate care for all.

Spiritual Care staff and volunteers help our residents, clients and their families to know that they have value, that they are loved, and that they are not alone.

Though we could put our Healing Garden under mind and body, as you’ll find recreation there as well as horticultural activities, we find that the garden’s real gift is how it makes our residents feel. There’s just something about enjoying the outdoors, sitting in the garden’s gazebo, listening to its fountain and appreciating the rose beds.

Have more questions about Long Term Care and the healthcare system?

Visit our Family Resources page, where we talk about levels of care Providence Place provides and assessing the needs of your loved one.